Social Companionship Service

What do we do?

Arden Companions - What do we do?

Companions offer reassurance and help with everyday activities both inside and outside the home. We have a door to door service. We can be there when your family or friends can’t.
We add value to the lives of older people by providing services which help them enjoy a full and stress free retirement. Clients' needs are individual and change over time.

We can provide one-off support or on-going assistance, depending upon circumstance. The list of potential services is almost infinite.

Some clients want Arden Companions to provide short term help for a given task at a particular time. Other clients prefer weekly contact and flexible support to meet evolving needs.
The following are examples of service requests.

  • Accompany to business or medical appointments to support or take notes
  • Help plan and organise a move to new accommodation
  • Research and locate information; secure domestic and other services
  • Signpost to specialist sources of help e.g. mobility services
  • Make or chase appointments, help with correspondence and filling in forms
  • Teach basic computer use: word processing, email, internet, Skype
  • Provide word processing, email and internet services for clients without a computer
  • Make bookings: restaurants, transport, tickets for concerts, sporting events, theatre etc.
  • Organise and facilitate social events in client's home or other venue e.g. coffee morning or birthday party
  • Help with gift, clothes or food shopping
  • Read to the visually impaired
  • Arrange activities and support local networking
  • Someone to talk to and keep you company
  • Someone to call at your home to check if you are safe and comfortable
  • Help to take/transport you to a local club, or church group
  • Accompany you on walks, outings, trips and to lunch or dinner
  • Attend films, plays, concerts, meetings and other events with you
  • Take you to visit friends, relatives and neighbours
  • Arrange and escort you to appointments, provide reminders
  • Help you with travel arrangements
  • Help you with filling in forms and claiming benefits
  • Help you with letter writing and keeping in touch with friends & relatives
  • Organize your mail and maintain your calendar for you
  • Assist you with entertaining
  • Participate with you in Arts & crafts, hobbies and interests
  • Help you with clothing selection
  • Buy books, papers and magazines and help you with reading
  • Medication reminders and recording the taking of medication


More service ideas....................

Fun days out

Arden Companions offers a personal service to anyone who wants to get out more. Don’t feel confined to your home. You choose where you’d like to go and we’ll accompany you. Stately homes, birthday treats, visits to the garden centre - wherever you want to go.

Medical appointments

You can’t always choose the perfect time for your doctor’s, dentist, or hospital appointment. With Companions, any time is a good time, we’ll be there to take you when you need to go.

Shopping trips

Need a new outfit but can’t get to the shops? Now you can! Companions offer a door to door service.

Help in the home

Maybe you need a little assistance with those little jobs around the house that you can’t manage any more - we can help.

Reassurance visits

Everybody needs a little time off, but we can be there 24/7. So if you’d like us to call in when your family or friends can’t be there, we’re happy to help.

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